Talking to AI: Interview with ChatGPT for "Educational Studies"

Discussion around the AI value for education continues, and we decided to ask the sensational ChatGPT some questions.

The full interview is quite long, so we have attached it as a file at the end. And here we present some answers (paraphrased) about current research topics, matched with relevant publications from our journal.

The answers vary according to the query language (English or Russian), we give a composite version.

ChatGPT often refers to experts, explaining that artificial intelligence (the AI language model) has no personal opinion. It fails to cope with some queries (selection of journal articles are incorrect), the answers are rather trivial, and yet it is a curious reflection of the public information space through modern technology.


Hi! What are the 3 most important topics for research in education right now, and why?

As an AI language model, I can provide you with some insights on the important topics in education research that have been highlighted by experts and scholars. However, they may vary depending on the context and priorities of different countries and institutions. Topics worthy of attention:

  • Equity and Inclusion – access to quality educational resources (especially in a pandemic), attention to everyone's learning achievement, promoting diversity and inclusion in classrooms → Read articles α, β, γ, δ, ε, ζ, η
  • E-learning (distance) – adapting to digital formats, best teaching practices → θ, Ι
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning – online apps and platforms, gamification and personalisation of learning, teachers and students attitudes to new technologies → κ, λ, μ, ν
  • Professional Teacher Development – effective individual support, including mentoring and collaborative learning, impact on student outcomes → ξ, ο, π, ρ, σ
  • Effectiveness of programmes and methods for educational outcomes → τ, υ, φ
  • Skills and competencies for a successful career in today's labour market → χ, ψ, ω, , ƒ,

If you were to write a research article on education, what would it be about?

How modern technology could enhance learning outcomes, for example artificial intelligent (α)! And also:

  • The effects of socio-economic status on access to education (γ) and academic achievements (β)
  • Today’s role of educators (ƒ), teacher professional development (δ)
  • The changing culture of education (ε), different approaches (ζ, η) and best learning practices (θ)
  • The role of parental involvement in learning (ί, κ)
  • The importance of intercultural exchange programs for education and society (λ, μ)
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) (ν)
  • The influence of classroom environment on children (ξ)
  • Inclusive education (ο)
  • New tools and methods for assessing and evaluating learning outcomes (π)

These topics are currently of interest to researchers and practitioners, but the focus depends on the researcher's interests and expertise, and the specific needs of the relevant education community.


Read full interview in PDF

(Questions and content making – Morozova Marta)