Special Issues and Sections

The Editorial Board has the right to initiate special issues of a current topics, published both as part of the regular and in addition to the 4 quarterly ones. On average, issue contains 10-12 articles. It is preferable to include reviews of 1-2 books on the topic. Also regular issue could contain thematic section, including 4-6 articles and 1-2 reviews of books on the topic.

At the first stage, it is necessary to find an Invited Editor(s) (up to 3 people). It is important that the Invited Editor has a good academic reputation and publishes articles in leading scientific journals on the proposed or related topic.

Invited Editor of the thematic issue/section is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Detailed announcement (Call for papers) of the special journal issue (in cooperation with the scientific editor); 
  2. Sharing this Call for papers through their networks of contacts;
  3. Despite the fact that submissions in thematic issues are open, the invited Editor should have preliminary contacts with at least ⅔ potential authors of articles in the issue (which, in any case, do not guarantee publication);
  4. Recommendations of reviewers and/or reviewing by themselves of received articles;
  5. Coordination of issue content, final texts versions;
  6. Preparation of an introductory "Editorial";
  7. Special Issue distribution and promotion at the public events, usually at conferences (preferably).