Submitting a manuscript

Voprosy obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow  welcomes the submission of research articles and reviews. All submissions must be original work that has not been previously published and is not under consideration elsewhere.

All work should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) via email to: edu.journal@hse.ru.

Please conform to the guidelines below when preparing your manuscript.


1.   The language of the manuscript should be clear and accessible to a broad audience taking interest in the topic, not only to specialists in the author’s particular field of research. This may require additional clarification of some terminology.

2.   Articles and lectures should typically be no more than 40,000 characters long, including spaces. This amounts to approximately 8,000 words in English.

3.   Please attach a cover page with the following information:

a.      the title of your work;
b.     your name, institutional affiliation (if any), position, rank, highest academic degree obtained, and contact information;
c.      an abstract of 200 – 300 words;
          d.     seven key words.

4.  Please put the title of your work in a running header throughout the document.

5.  Please number all pages consecutively, excluding the cover page if possible and starting with 1 on the first page of your manuscript.

6.  In order to ensure double-blind peer review, authors’ names should not appear anywhere in the document (except on the cover page). Authors who cite their own work should do so in the third person.

7.   Research articles should include:

a.      a clearly stated problem (i.e., the research question that the article answers);
b.     an academic preamble introducing the problem;
c.      analysis of current methodological approaches to the problem;
d.     a summary, explanation, or discussion of research;
e.     a framework of evidence and arguments;
f.       conclusions;
                   g.      a critical apparatus and bibliography.

8.   Please include a list of “References” at the end of your document, with all sources arranged in alphabetical order by author’s or first author’s surname.

9.  All figures, charts, graphs and illustrations will be published in grayscale, so please submit them in grayscale if possible.


Although Voprosy obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow primarily publishes original research, it also publishes reviews of other work published on topics that fall within the scope of the journal. If submitting a review, please observe the following guidelines:

1.      Book reviews should usually not exceed 6,000 characters, including spaces (about 1,200 words in English).

2.      Please include a brief summary of the material you are reviewing and describe as clearly as possible its argument, methodology, strengths, and weaknesses. If possible, indicate a potential readership.

3.      Include both the first and last name, or initials and surname, of any person the first time he or she is mentioned. The names of contributors to collections of articles should also be treated in this manner.

4.      Do not include footnotes or endnotes. If you must cite another work, please do so by including an in-text reference in parentheses (author, title, and year of publication).

5.      Begin your review with the exact bibliographical details of the material in question. If you are reviewing a book, refer to the title page or copyright page rather than the cover. This portion of the review should conform to the following model for an edited collection:

Marginson S. (2014) University Rankings and Social Science // European Journal of Education. Vol. 49. No 1. P. 45–59.

And it should follow the following model for a book by a single author:

Whitley B., Keith-Spiegel P. (2002) Academic Dishonesty: An Educators Guide. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

6.      You name and affiliation should appear at the end of the review.

Submitting a manuscript is free of charge.