Marina Djuzhakova1
  • 1 State Pedagogical University, 86 Lenina St., Voronezh, 394043, Russian Federation

An Opening Commentary on the Article "College Diversity Experiences and Cognitive Development: A Meta-Analysis" by Nicholas A. Bowman

2013. No. 2. P. 82–87 [issue contents]

Marina Dyuzhakova, Ped.D., Associate Professor at Voronezh State Pedagogical University, Voronezh, Russian Federation. Email: d.sveta@rambler.ru Address: 86 Lenina St., Voronezh, 394043, Russian Federation.                                            

The commentary summarizes the key features of Bowman’s meta-analysis of publications on the relationship between interethnic/intercultural interactions in college and cognitive development of students: criteria of selecting publications for analysis, advantages of using the hierarchical linear modeling method, the author’s hypotheses, discussion of possible predictors of the relationship intensity, importance of the analysis results for educational practices.

Increased attention towards the problem of diversity experiences in the United States is explained by a difficult demographic situation that requires providing equal opportunities in education for all US citizens. Dyuzhakova finds it a good idea to use ethnic and sociocultural diversity for enhancing cognitive achievements of Russian students, too (contrary to the deeply-rooted presumption in the Russian society that increasing the proportion of other ethnicities, including non-native Russian speakers, has a deteriorating effect on the quality of education).

Bowman’s research experience and methodology will allow for a deeper insight into how education quality depends on diversity interactions that students can experience in universities. Quantitative meta-analysis makes it possible to integrate results of a number of studies in order to investigate deeper into the problem. This method may be of great importance in theory of science and research methodology and provide rich material for educational practices. 

Citation: Djuzhakova M. (2013) Vstupitel'nyy kommentariy k stat'e Nikolasa Boumena «Opyt vzaimodeystviya s predstavitelyami inykh etnokul'turnykh grupp v kolledzhe i kognitivnoe razvitie: metaanaliz» [An Opening Commentary on the Article "College Diversity Experiences and Cognitive Development: A Meta-Analysis" by Nicholas A. Bowman]. Voprosy obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no2, pp. 82-87.