Natalia Loginova1, Elena Fedorenko
  • 1 Krasnoyarsk Krai Institute of Educator Professional Development and Training, 19 Matrosova Str., 660079 Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

Possibilities of developing education system for hyperactive children

2007. No. 4. P. 232–239 [issue contents]
The article considers the resources and abilities of today’s Russian school for dealing with the most common children’s chronic behavior disorder, hyperactivity. The authors discuss the reasons for hyperactivity, how it manifests itself at various age levels, and the principal discrepancies between the education system and the needs and abilities of a hyperactive child. Schools have enough resources to make the education and upbringing of hyperactive children much more efficient, if there were proper management. In particular, the article presents the results of a study of the learning dynamics in children taught according to the Elkonin–Davydov developing education program, and compares it to other education systems.
Citation: Loginova N., Fedorenko E. (2007) Vozmozhnosti razvivayushchey sistemy obrazovaniya dlya giperaktivnykh detey [Possibilities of developing education system for hyperactive children]. Voprosy obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no4, pp. 232-239.