Valentin Deichman

Borrowing management solutions: «difficulties of translation»

2006. No. 2. P. 122–132 [issue contents]
(Introducing the voucher system in supplementary training of teachers in Kyrghyz Republic: a case study)
A system of supplementary training of teachers was formed in Kyrghyzstan during the Soviet period. It was designed to solve specific problems under a planned economy and an authoritarian system of administration. Modern circumstances demand new political and economical priorities from society, and make certain changes in the education policies of the state necessary. This article describes an attempt to overcome the crisis in the system of supplementary training of teachers. In was necessary to dramatically change the financing mechanism; in particular, a voucher system, which is familiar to Russia, was introduced. Currently the project is still in the experimental stage, but the material amassed since the project had been launched is sufficient to analyze the accumulated experience.
Citation: Dejchman V. (2006) Zaimstvovanie upravlencheskikh resheniy: «trudnosti perevoda» [Borrowing management solutions: «difficulties of translation»]. Voprosy obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no2, pp. 122-132.