Irina Bgazhnokova

General and specialized education: paths to interaction and integration

2006. No. 2. P. 30–39 [issue contents]
The article analyzes the situation of children with disabilities and of persons with special educational needs in Russia. The author describes the principal measures taken by the authorities in order to ensure the rights and living standards of individuals with physical or mental development problems. Particular attention is paid to the violations of the statedeclared rights to education. It is stressed that the ongoing discrimination of mentally and physically challenged individuals is unacceptable. The reader is invited to learn the author’s opinions on the problems of interaction between general and specialized education, and on the essence of inclusive (integrated) education at the current stage of development of society in general and of the education system of the Russian Federation in particular.
Citation: Bgazhnokova I. (2006) Obshchee i spetsial'noe obrazovanie: puti k vzaimodeystviyu i integratsii [General and specialized education: paths to interaction and integration]. Voprosy obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no2, pp. 30-39.