Leo Tolstoy and Max Weber on value neutrality of university research

  • Vitaly Kurennoy HSE University
Keywords: education, values, Leo Tolstoy, Max Weber, University History, upbringing, Value Neutrality


The problem of value neutrality of science is considered on the basis of works by Leo Tolstoy and Max Weber. In the first part of the article, the statements on the value neutrality of scientific knowledge and university teaching by Weber and Tolstoy are made explicit and analyzed in a comparative perspective. In the second part, the central problem of Tolstoy and Weber, that is, a rational choice of the value paradigm, is studied systematically. Differences in their assumptions and conclusions are shown. In the third part, a historical commentary to the context of Tolstoy’s and Weber’s works is given. The works are treated as episodes in a wider modern history of the value neutralization of the scientific knowledge and university teaching. The specifics of this process are tightly connected with the fundamental principles of the modern research university (the Humboldtian model of university).


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Kurennoy, Vitaly. 2010. “Leo Tolstoy and Max Weber on Value Neutrality of University Research”. Voprosy Obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no. 3 (December), 48-74. https://vo.hse.ru/article/view/15166.
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