Reading out of Love. Review of the book: Abelyuk Y. Praktika chteniya: uchebnometodicheskoe posobie [The Practice of Reading: Study Guide]

  • Alexander Arkhangelsky HSE University
Keywords: school, learning environment, high school students, reading competencies, reading practice, individual characteristics, educational program


The book represents a collection of articles written at different times, all devoted to the development of school students’ reading competencies in today’s world. The author is convinced that diverse approaches should be used to engage high school students in reading, depending on the student’s interests and personal characteristics. There is no (and there cannot be any) oneandonly methodology or any single dominant educational model in this everchanging world.


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Arkhangelsky, Alexander. 2016. “Reading Out of Love. Review of the Book: Abelyuk Y. Praktika Chteniya: Uchebnometodicheskoe Posobie [The Practice of Reading: Study Guide]”. Voprosy Obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no. 4 (December), 290-93.
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