Announcement of an Error in the Article

Keywords: Error in the article


Dear colleagues,
We apologize for the error found in the publication. In the article

Bochaver A.A., Mikhailova O.R. (2023). Burnout of schoolchildren: adaptation of the questionnaire on the Russian sample". Questions of education / Educational Studies Moscow, vol. 2 (June).

in the appendix, where the text of the questionnaire is posted, several statements are given in an intermediate version of the translation, and not in the final version, which was used in the preparation of the article. We give the correct version of the wording of all the points of the questionnaire in full. Please use it when designing your research.


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BochaverAlexandra A., and MikhaylovaOxana R. 2023. “Announcement of an Error in the Article”. Voprosy Obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no. 3 (November).
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