To Remain a Teacher? Factors Influencing Attitudes to Leaving the Teaching Profession

  • Kirill Maslinsky HSE University (Saint Petersburg)
  • Valeria Ivaniushina HSE University
Keywords: teachers, employee attitudes, self efficacy, professional commitment, labor turnover


The present study examines structural and socio-psychological factors affecting attitudes towards quitting profession among school teachers. We explore effects of perceived workplace difficulties, employment opportunities, self-efficacy beliefs, and emotional attachment to teaching profession. The survey was conducted among public secondary school teachers in Saint Petersburg, Russia (N = 730). The regression analysis revealed that self-efficacy beliefs and professional commitment are the strongest predictors for
retention, some work-related stress factors contribute to the likelihood of switching profession, while the number of years of teaching experience and work experience outside of teaching have no effect. The results do not support the hypothesis that early-career teachers are more tolerant to switching professions. The implications for retaining teachers in the profession are discussed.


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Maslinsky, Kirill, and Valeria Ivaniushina. 2016. “To Remain a Teacher? Factors Influencing Attitudes to Leaving the Teaching Profession”. Voprosy Obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no. 4 (December), 8-30.
Theoretical and Applied Research