On the Models of Supplementary Education

  • Marina Baryshnikova National Training Foundation, Bld. 1, 7 1905 Goda Str., 123022 Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Aleksander Uvarov HSE University; The Federal Research Centre “Computer Science and Control” of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Keywords: advanced teacher training, computerization of schools


Professional development of and methodological support for working educators are considered as one of the key tasks in the computerization of schools. Hundreds of thousands of teachers have learned about the possibilities offered by computers and the Internet. However, there have been no considerable changes in the use of ICT in teaching. The article discusses the reasons for this. It suggests an approach to solving the problems of professional development and methodological support for educators, which might be helpful in overcoming existing obstacles.


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Baryshnikova, Marina, and Aleksander Uvarov. 2011. “On the Models of Supplementary Education”. Voprosy Obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no. 3 (February), 223-32. https://vo.hse.ru/article/view/14898.