Developing an Interdisciplinary Bio-Sensor STEM Module for Secondary School Teachers: An Exploratory Study

  • Shihkuan Hsu National Taiwan University
  • Chia-Chi Sung National Taiwan University
  • Horn-Jiunn Sheen National Taiwan University
Keywords: secondary school, models of STEM material development, glucose bio-sensor STEM module, teaching science and engineering


Educators have suggested that citizens need the ability to engage in self-directed inquiry and problem solving. In line with the trend, current reforms in Taiwanese schools advocate the development of these core competencies. One way to achieve this goal is through STEM education. STEM modules which integrate science, math, technology, and engineering have become a prime catalyst for inquiry-based multidisciplinary teaching and learning. Although the demands and the benefits of STEM modules are often highlighted, the challenges of the development and implementation of such an interdisciplinary module are less discussed. This paper describes the process of the development of a bio-sensor module that uses Arduino to analyze glucose level of concentration.This multidisciplinary module integrates physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, electronics, and programming. The goal of the program is for students to construct a device that imitates a commercial glucose meter. Teacher workshops were conducted for educators to learn the concepts and the procedures. A set of questionnaires collected from 21 workshop participants revealed that teachers face various challenges in the process of understanding and modifying the STEM module, as well as preparing students so they are ready to learn with the module. A group interview after the workshop revealed the teachers’ difficulties in implementing a module that requires advanced technical skills and materials. The potential usefulness for the students, and the emergence of a different goal than the original plan, provide challenging and enlightening lessons. Rather than an engineering-centered model, this study proposes an alternative science-centered model for STEM material development.


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Hsu, Shihkuan, SungChia-Chi, and SheenHorn-Jiunn. 2020. “Developing an Interdisciplinary Bio-Sensor STEM Module for Secondary School Teachers: An Exploratory Study”. Voprosy Obrazovaniya / Educational Studies Moscow, no. 2 (June), 230-51.
Thematic issue based on the results of the International Conference “Innovation In Learning Instruction and Teacher Education”