Specific Features of Student Media in Terms of Their Functions, Genres, and Topics

  • Anna Danilina Griboedov Institute of International Law and Economics, 21 Entuziastov Hwy., Moscow, 111024, Russian Federation
Keywords: school, further education, school print media, corporate print media, student newspapers, corporate culture


Anna Danilina, research student at Griboedov Institute of International Law and Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation. Email: aadanilina@mail.ru Address: 21 Entuziastov Hwy., Moscow, 111024, Russian Federation.

Analyzing functions, genres, and topics of modern school newspapers, the author classifies them as corporate print media by investigating into the basic principles of their production, functioning, and distribution, and into the techniques of media-audience interaction.

As school and corporate print media are compared, similar features are found first of all in their format, limited circulation, and target on internal audience. Based on a survey conducted among school newspaper editors, the key functions of student media have been identified, the critical one being serving as a means of educational interaction with students. A comparative analysis of questionnaire data and corporate print media market research results has revealed similarities in functionality of corporate and student newspapers.

Analysis of school media financing sources has revealed that most student newspapers are sponsored directly or indirectly by school administrators or editors, which is similar to financing of corporate print media. Another common point is that student newspapers also find technological and staff resources within the school.

The corporate nature of school newspapers is also confirmed through the study of their content, which always has something to do with school life. PR and advertizing texts designed to stimulate internal school life also prove that student media belong to the category of corporate print media. The final point is that school phenomena and processes are hardly ever criticized in school newspapers.

Implementing distribution and audience capturing strategies, just as corporate print media do, student newspapers become a means of creating, supporting, and promoting internal school culture.


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